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Across the country, there is an epidemic that needs attention. In the United States, homelessness has become a real issue. Many Americans are without a home, stable shelter, or food. With so many people unaware of the issue or see it as a burden rather than a cry for help, it’s become harder and harder to help those in need. Thankfully, there are many organizations with the sole purpose of helping care for and give shelter to the homeless population.

Beyond Housing

Everything there is to know about Beyond Housing is in the name. This organization gives the homeless more than just shelter. They provide those in need with a home, education services, food, economic development, and access to employment opportunities. Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Beyond Housing focuses on proving the homeless population with quality and stable homes. They are able to help individuals get back on their feet and eventually find a home for themselves. They give the homeless the chance they need to begin their life again.

Robin Hood Foundation

Poverty is a huge issue in New York City. Over 200 nonprofit organizations across the city have partnered up with the Robin Hood Foundation. Every cent of donations made to the foundation is donated while the board of directors pays all administrative costs. They are able to run projects that are completely focused on community needs. The fight again poverty in New York City and focus on finding families the home they deserve. They recognize that even those who have a home, still suffer to feed their families and get by. Fighting against poverty means giving the homeless a home and helping low-income households stabilize.

Warren Village

In Denver Colorado, the organization Warren Village works with families struggling to keep a stable home. Every year, millions of families are at risk of losing their home due to financial hardships. Warren Village is able to give them safe and secure housing to make sure they can get back up on their feet. The organization also connects families with community support and self-help services. Their focus on the children of the families provides them with Early Childhood Education and school-age programs.