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A fact is many charitable organizations rely on well-wishers to get donations. Since the peak of coronavirus in March, many sectors globally have been affected. The pandemic has seen the closure of many events and shops. A majority of these sectors play a role in running the operations of the charity organizations.


Due to the lockdown, the organizations are not able to meet the demands of the public. It is because no finances are trickling in like they were before the pandemic. However, to stop the COVID-19 epidemic, there are roles that a philanthropist has to take on.


The feature has explained the responsibility that philanthropists have in ending the pandemic.


Strengthening and Supporting Non-Profit Organizations


Notably, non-profit organizations step in the public and private sector’s shoes to deal with areas they have not catered to. Such organizations also play a role in letting significant issues in the community to be known.


Philanthropists hence have a duty of funding these organizations for them to facilitate their operations. The funds will positively impact the health and economic effects that the pandemic has left on communities.


Rebuilding of Communities


Because of the pandemic, communities have suffered much, and all significant activities have been halted. Therefore, the philanthropists have to do device plans that will help foster growth in such areas.


It includes the philanthropists giving monetary help to the people. What they do is partner with the local community foundations to know the measures to be taken.


Development of the Vaccine


What is certain is for COVID-19 to end, there needs to be a vaccine. Philanthropists have a vital responsibility in ensuring that the vaccine is developed. It is because they will need to input a significant amount of money.


The motive of the contributed money is for researches to be conducted by the drug companies to get the vaccine. When there are enough finances, it is no doubt that defeating the coronavirus will be less hectic.




The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken many sectors in the world that require resources. Hence, philanthropists have to ensure they mobilize resources to ease the damage that the virus has impacted many communities. They can also play a part in letting charitable organizations know of different ways to raise the money to help those in need.