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Every day, we see more and more companies starting to make changes in order to become eco-friendly. But, what about the charities? There are a lot of great organizations out there that have been taking steps for a long time now. Take a look at some of these amazing organizations and talk about how they’re helping the environment while also helping people better their lives. 


One organization that does this is Gleaners Community Food Bank – an organization that provides food for those who may not be able to afford it on their own or who can’t access it without help from others. They’ve been doing so since 1982 and have been dedicated to changing the lives of those in need ever since.


One other organization that does amazing work is Trees for the Future. They help plant trees in developing countries to protect endangered ecosystems and combat deforestation, making them an eco-friendly charity and one with great social merit. 


Meanwhile, Honoree Charities helps the elderly find great work opportunities, even if they’ve been out of the workforce for a long time. This is something that not only gives them job skills and experience but also allows them to feel like they’re still productive members of society.


Another great cause is Baby2Baby, an organization dedicated to providing essentials for children in need. This may be things like baby food, diapers, and other items that children often need during their early years.


If helping out former military members is more up your alley, check out Veterans Green Jobs Alliance. They’re dedicated to helping US veterans find work in green industries and work their way up to leadership positions within these areas. This organization is stellar because it helps veterans get back to work and shows that these industries are hiring people. If you’re considering donating to a charity this year, consider helping out one (or all) of the above organizations.


In conclusion, the various entities are very critical and fundamental in improving the welfare of the people and the environment. It is worth noting that they provide a critical and analytic point of view regarding the components and the elements which need to be taken care of in society.