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Being charitable can significantly boost the value of a company, whether the company is big or small. Doing so allows you and your employees to participate in making your community a better place and shines the culture of your company in a positive light. Beyond that, giving back to your community can influence customers to do business with you. If any of this sounds appealing, take a look at a few giving program ideas you could establish to boost your company’s philanthropy.


Holiday Food Drives


We all see them every holiday season. Holiday food drives are held by many businesses at the end of the year and are great ways for businesses to express their interest in philanthropy and in the community. Advertising for these food drives happens months in advance by donation centers asking businesses to commit to donating food and other items during the holiday season. 


These are easy ways to be charitable to your community as it lets you participate in team-building activities as well. One way to do that is by having a gift wrapping contest or tally and seeing who can get the most donations of canned goods during the drive.




Instead of buying candy bars for a fundraiser, consider sponsoring a youth sports team to directly impact those you’re helping. You can encourage employee participation by letting people leave a little early to attend the game, or even let them volunteer as being the referee for a game or helping at a concession stand. Take some pictures and hang them up in the office afterward, or post them to social media.


Build a House


Many charities ask corporations to send a team and help them build a house. Participating in this kind of activity is truly lasting, as you’re providing shelter for someone that will last them for years. Not only that, but spending days with one another doing something charitable is a rewarding way to bond with the others on the team. Not only will this bond your employees with each other, but they’ll also be able to bond with one or two other companies who volunteered their time in helping as well.