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As parents, you will have to worry about exposing your children to the COVID-19 virus in addition to worrying about your own health status. Unfortunately, there’s some confusion about how the virus is spread, and the misinformation can affect your ability to protect your children. Here are a few facts that we do know about the spread of the virus, so you can keep your family safer.


Do You Have to Wash Clothes After Grocery Shopping?


You may have heard that healthcare workers have to wash their clothes every day, or that they change their clothes to go grocery shopping. This is because they’re exposed to the COVID-19 virus consistently throughout their workdays, and doing laundry helps them stay safe in their line of work. For others, washing your hands after a trip to the grocery store is enough to protect against contracting the virus.


How Long Does the Virus Live on Surfaces?


Many of the fears that parents and others have come down to this one question: how long does the virus remain on surfaces? Knowing how long it remains active can affect how we use our phones and tablets, as well as the toys we let our children play with. While we don’t have an exact answer to this question, scientists believe the virus survives on surfaces anywhere from several hours to one full day. To be safe, you should use disinfectant wipes to clean the surfaces of objects that you let your children handle.


Can Children Safely Play in Open Parks and Playgrounds?


Many parks and playgrounds are opening to the public, but you should still take safety precautions when bringing your children to them. They should avoid playing on playgrounds. Anything that other children use, such as swings, slides, and public drinking fountains, should be avoided. Instead, let your children bring their own toys and find a secluded area of the park for playing. Once they arrive home, you should be sure you and your kids all wash your hands and face thoroughly.


There are many myths about the spread of COVID-19, so it’s vital to research your concerns on reputable websites. If you’re unsure about something, you should call or email your doctor. Obtaining reliable information will help you protect your entire family by teaching you how to avoid contracting and spreading the virus.