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Most people have exciting memories of receiving toys for Christmas, Easter or birthdays from loved ones. Unfortunately, some children aren’t this fortunate and don’t have much hope, if any, for a better future. Toys matter to children and adults for plenty of reasons.

Inspire Imagination

Playing with toys is important to childhood development. Help a child be imaginative by donating a toy they’ll cherish forever. Looking at, hugging and playing with a stuffed bear or doll can make their day. They’re inspired to think more, worry less and be positive. Kids can also imagine that there are people who care in this cruel world who would take time out of their day to give them a special gift. This encourages hope in their hearts which can help them through especially tough times in their lives. Toys bring a certain warmth and energy to the child that needs the unconditional love they never had enough of.

Encourage Creativity

Creativity can help a person be empathetic and come up with ideas for amazing inventions. Children may grow up to pursue their childhood dreams since they were inspired by their favorite toy. They might even have a better life because someone chose to care selflessly. This child may never forget about the charity gift they received. Besides this, being creative allows a person to express themselves in a healthy way. Toys are often colorful and spark joy in children’s hearts. One of the best things about playing with toys is being able to forget about reality and have innocent fun.

Better Mental Health

Children who don’t get the love they truly deserve from parents or others are more likely to have poor mental health. This can lead to issues like depression, anxiety or even suicidal thoughts. Luckily, children who receive toys at Christmas time are likely to have a positive mindset. Positivity can make them strong enough to get through the flu, beat cancer or just forget about the especially sad experiences they’re forced to endure.

Toys for Tots does a lot more than just handing children a toy to play with. The organization helps children have something to hope for on Christmas. This kind of memory is worth more than material objects.