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The safety of our environment is a universal concern for most people, and the work that goes into keeping our environment safe is strenuous work that often gets overlooked. That’s why it’s more important than ever to do our part and help groups that advocate for our environment by donating or volunteering.


Charities are always looking for people to help out. Environmental services cover a wide range of subjects, so there’s always a charity you can find that fits what you think is most important. Some of these subjects include:


Human Services


We, as human beings, are just a part of the environment as plants and animals. Human services take into account better ways to support and serve humanity in ways that are sustainable and healthy. Think of it as the best of both worlds. Humans get the help they need, and it’s done in a way that supports good environmental practices.


Gender Justice


Gender is a hot topic in today’s world. Gender studies have given us insight into how it really affects our social and psychological well-being. This type of justice seeks to right any wrongs committed under gender assumptions. In the future, we can accurately assess problems related to gender issues and work to promote healthier ways to deal with them.




Climate change affects everyone. Understanding how climate change works and how it affects us can give us a better idea of how to combat its negative effects. Our climate is constantly changing, so the sooner we understand how it works, the better we are to keep up with it to save the countless plant and animal species that can’t. This is important for everyone and everything on the planet.




No one ever thinks that the vast diversity of living organisms on our planet work together to benefit everything on our earth. For example, did you know that biodiversity matters in something as simple as livestock? Many valuable breeds are becoming extinct, and their DNA is important for the future of breeding healthy livestock.


So Much More!

All charities work differently. Click here to get an idea of some of the best environmental charities available and see what they specifically offer. Together we can help take care of our environment.