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What makes a significant donor different than a regular donor? The answer varies depending on the organization, but there are common factors that many organizations have identified. This blog post will discuss the five main factors that define a significant donor and how they differ from regular donors.


1 – A major donor is loyal to your organization.


A significant donor feels a strong connection with your organization and is very interested in what you are doing. They like the work you do, the product or service you provide and see it as important to them personally and to our community. A significant donor does not randomly give to multiple organizations – they are very loyal and stay with you unless they are dissatisfied.


2 – A major donor gives more than money.


A major donor typically makes a donation significantly larger than the average donation and is most certainly willing to meet your organization halfway by providing resources such as vehicles or event space. They want to work with you to establish a win-win situation that will benefit both your organization and the donor.


3 – A major donor has a strong sense of social responsibility.


A major donor knows that they have made it past the poverty line in this life and are very conscious of helping others who still face poverty-related struggles. They know that their own financial success is a result of hard work, but they also believe that the world is not built for everyone to be successful. Thus, they want to give back so that others may have the same opportunity to succeed like them.


4 – A major donor knows how to say thank you.


A major donor is happy to give you and your organization recognition, even if they have not requested it. They are aware of each person’s difference in the world and believe in being open about donating money. A significant donor does not ask for recognition or a thank-you gift – they want to see how their contribution has impacted the community, world, or organization.




We have identified the five main characteristics that define a major donor. If you are looking to increase your number of regular donors or want to grow into a significant donor, these factors should help you identify who they might be and how best to appeal to them.