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Recent years have seen women’s issues take center stage. Those interested in supporting women’s causes will find many charitable organizations to choose from. The following are some of those ranked highly by outside evaluators like GiveWell and CharityNavigators.


Helen Keller International (HKI)


Helen Keller dates back to 1915. HKI aims to improve the lives of women and children in poor communities, mainly in Asian and African countries, whose lives are synonymous with little access to health care. This charity has programs that combat hunger, prevention, and treatment of eye diseases like river blindness, trachoma, and cataract.




Founded in 1993, Camfed focuses on educating girls to address poverty in Africa by educating girls and turning them into future leaders of their societies. Access to education is made possible by clearing hurdles that come in the way of school-going girls, like lack of school fees or transportation and child marriages.


Camfed works with over six thousand schools in rural Africa, supporting girls by training them for leadership and preparing them to be advocates of change in their societies.


Dress for Success Worldwide


Founded in 1997, this organization empowers women in areas of presentation. They address variables on which women’s success is hinged like skill development, mentoring, networking, appropriate clothing, and other tools that keep them increase their relevance in the modern-day business world, even aiding in a job search.


Dress for Success is already in twenty-five countries, having served over one million women to date.


Fistula Foundation


This foundation targets women working to prevent fistula and providing surgery to correct it. Fistula is a condition resulting from prolonged labor and childbirth where the affected woman is left incontinent, leading to social problems due to rejection by her husband and other family members. A total of 39,866 women from thirty-two developing countries have benefited from this surgery between 2009 and 2018.


Futures Without Violence


Futures Without Violence provides social justice for women, addressing high-profile issues in the life of the modern-day woman, such as domestic violence, human trafficking, and all forms of violence in the workplace. These issues affect women of all ages and social backgrounds. The organization’s website, for instance, provides data showing rampant abuse of women across all ages in the US by partners through technology, physical, and sexual assault.