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#GivingTuesday reminds us all why it’s important to give back every year. For quite some time, TED speakers have talked about how excited they are to be philanthropists and offer creative ways we can all give back. Here are some thought-provoking TED talks that may motivate you to participate in #GivingTuesday this year and for years to come.

Why Giving Away Our Wealth Has Been the Most Satisfying Thing We’ve Done by Bill and Melinda Gates

Wealthy couple Bill and Melinda Gates created the Gates Foundation so they could donate 90% of their wealth, and they discuss why this has been a fulfilling decision for them. They also discuss which aspects of their work inspire and motivate them.

The Way We Think About Charity Is Dead Wrong by Dan Pallotta

Pallotta encourages listeners to think about charity in a new way in this TED talk. He challenges the idea that charities should run with as little money as possible. Instead, Pallotta says we should consider investing more money in leadership and tools for nonprofits to create more positive change in the world.

You Are the Future of Philanthropy by Katherine Fulton

Katherine Fulton gives an inspiring talk that focuses on people who give small donations to charitable causes. Fulton asserts that these donations, although they don’t come from wealthy individuals, could define philanthropy in the near future.

The Why and How of Altruism by Peter Singer

Peter Singer brings up the extremely valid point that if we saw a child injured in a car accident, we’d be inclined to stop and help. However, children are suffering every day from disease and hunger, and need our help just as much as those who suffer physical injuries. Singer asserts that we can be hypocritical in our giving and offers suggestions for how we should give.

Want to Help Africa? Do Business Here by Ngozi Okonjo

Okonjo talks about the praise and criticisms concerning financial donations and charitable assistance in Africa. She challenges and inspires givers to make more of an impact in Africa by doing business on the continent. This makes a significant difference in the African and global economy and can combat some of the issues Africa has faced for centuries.

These TED talks can provide the inspiration you need to find the charities or causes that mean the most to you and give in a way that can better your community and the world.