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The COVID 19 global pandemic has come with some unprecedented consequences. There has been a loss of jobs, wages, and businesses. One of the most affected industries is the restaurant industry since they had to curb the virus’s spread completely. These extreme measures have led restaurant owners to switch gears into survival mode. Their main aim is to survive this global pandemic and keep their businesses afloat with their workers.


Restaurant owners in Louisville, Kentucky, have opted to help each other out during this pandemic. Since two hands are better than one, they have decided to put their rivalries and come together to save the industry before it is too late.


A local chef and restaurant owner by the name chef Anoosh Shariat has written a cookbook that he sells and whose proceeds go to his charity and another local charity. The money collected is used to pay rent for restaurant workers affected by the COVID pandemic.


A local charity called Apron Inc. organizes fundraisers frequently to raise money to those in need during these trying times. Restaurants have taken up the challenge and support them as much as possible. They have several charity programs like chefs in a box where different restaurants prepare meals, and half the money they collect goes to Apron charity Inc.


Being a Louisville based charity, Apron has offered over 500 financial grants of between USD 500 and 1000 to restaurant workers. This money provides much-needed support for their families and keeps them afloat as they wait out the pandemic. According to Apron’s official site, they have given grants to over 230 people from 91 restaurants around Louisville, a total sum of over USD 240,000 since the epidemic started. This amount is almost double the contributions they have given out since its foundation. The beneficiaries must have worked in a Louisville restaurant for over six months.


Louisville, Kentucky, the restaurant community is a shining example of the human ability to come together and help each other in crisis times to ensure no one suffers. By carrying out these measures, the effects of the COVID 19 virus have significantly reduced. They have given people hope and a chance to fight until a time when the pandemic is over.