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If you’re a business owner, it’s essential to consider your company’s impact on the community. Corporate philanthropy plays a significant role in supporting local nonprofits and helping your community thrive. There are many ways your business can invest in your community through philanthropic activities–no matter the size or industry of your business. Below are just a few examples to consider!

1. Form a Partnership With a Local Nonprofit

One-time donations can be helpful, but a great way to really help a nonprofit continue its work is to form a long-term partnership. You can donate both time and money in this kind of business relationship. You may encourage your employees to donate a portion of their paychecks or organize a group volunteer day. You may even be able to offer free services for the nonprofit, depending on your business’ product. This is a unique opportunity to build connections and relationships and stay invested in a specific nonprofit’s work over time.


2. Sponsor a Fundraiser

Whether you decide to host your own fundraiser or just become a sponsor of an existing fundraiser, this is an excellent way to engage with your community. Fundraisers are a perfect opportunity to share with the public how your business invests in local causes and can help nonprofits reach more people than they would without your company.

3. Offer Employees Paid Volunteer Time

Many businesses invest in their community by offering a few PTO days for employees specifically designated as volunteer time. This is great for many reasons: it gives your employees a couple of extra days out of the office, allows them to work with whatever cause they are personally passionate about and is a low-effort way for your whole company to get involved in philanthropy.


4. Organize a Food Drive

You could also organize an office-wide food drive or any other kind of item donations! Consider reaching out to local nonprofits and seeing what items they most need, and ask your employees to help gather some of those items. This is a great way to do something a little bit more tangible than just writing a check while still ensuring you are meeting community needs.


5. Donate Knowledge and Services

Finally, consider donating your knowledge or services, either to a nonprofit or to individuals in your community. This might look like free educational workshops for the community or free printing services for local nonprofits. Take some time to think about what your business might have to offer and if there is a way you can share that with people in need.