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The past decade has been a challenging time for most charities. The problem with difficult situations is that you identify your main challenges and work on solving them. Here are the biggest challenges charities face.

1. A Decline in Individual Donations

In recent years, the number of individuals who contribute to charities has declined. This is due to the loss of public confidence in the fundraising industry, exacerbated by many published examples of misconduct and the increased need for transparency from benefactors. Charities require to keep up with fluctuating public pay and speak a similar language as the donors. You may achieve this via new techniques to diversify the fundraising income.

2. Relying Exclusively on Donations

Over the last decade, there has been a rise in social entrepreneurship. Businesses have offered consumers something they crave while at the same time doing good and fulfilling their social mission. Social business projects can take many ways and will not just generate a constant stream of income to complement other channels. They can also link you with prospective donors and business partners.

3. Uninspired Collaborations

Another way to relaunch your fundraiser is to create networks in the business world. Building long-term partnerships and charities have been an excellent way to create a fundraising channel with well-defined long-term results. However, the times of simple logos on an annual financial report are foregone. Companies and charities are now operating together to raise public awareness through executions and creative advertising.

4. Keeping the Confidence

Charities and non-profits should be good people. Instead of income generation to make cash, they have a vision and a mission to make the universe a better place. However, when it comes to raising public resources, charities should be on the right track. If they don’t, they risk losing the trust of their supporters and the public.

5. Ensure Compliance at All Levels

Compliance refers to an ever-changing and growing area that you require to keep updated in every viewpoint of your business. Following legally-established codes is one thing; however, ensuring the rules get adhered to at all your business levels is another. The person representing your organization needs to know what to do and what rules to follow. The fundraising challenge here is that it requires dedicated resources, constant commitment at the board level, and time to create the appropriate protocols and controls.


Finally, charities are facing some challenges when it comes to getting contributions. Discussed above are some of the biggest challenges.