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Public engagement is a practice commonly encouraged not only in businesses but also in any aspect of public importance in our time today. Engaging members of the public on issues that touch their lives is crucial as it helps to create a good rapport between all parties involved. Businesses and organizations are generally required not only by law but also by ethical standards to ensure that they involve the public before effecting any changes on issues that touch the public domain. But why is public engagement so important? Here are three reasons.

It creates accountability

Creating a platform for members of the public to know and contribute towards a certain aspect of an institution is a sign of accountability on the part of the institution. It is, essentially, an indication that the institution is open to public scrutiny and that every action being taken does not have malicious intents. The two-way consultation between the public and the institution helps ensure that any consensus reached is unanimously agreed upon.

It creates trust

Any organization that involves members of the public in its internal operations helps build a strong level of trust with the public. The well-coordinated public engagement forums act as an open platform from where every stakeholder affected by the topic in question gets to share their ideas and views. In such a platform, it is impossible for the parties to agree on one thing, and yet the organization go behind the scenes and implement a different thing altogether. The openness created enhances trust and support between all the parties affected.

It facilitates inclusiveness and responsiveness

Public engagement is generally a platform that gives outsiders a chance to be included within an organization’s activities. The inclusion helps bring a sense of belonging where members of the public feel like part of the entire organization. The bond created during such a platform helps ensure that the public remains responsive to the organization’s internal and external matters where the need arises. Cooperation between the stakeholders engaging in a public engagement forum makes it easier to achieve milestones and generally builds a better society.